Tailgating Reminders Email

Just received this email from Kelly Weatherman. Not a whole lot of new info.

  •      Football designated parking lots will be cleared of all vehicles at 7am.  Any vehicles in a football designated parking lot at that time may be towed.
  •      Game-day entrances to campus will open at 8:00am for those with permits.
  •      Please be sure to review the back of your permit for instructions on entering and exiting campus on game day. 
  •      You will not be permitted to enter campus at a location other than that which is printed on the back of your permit. 
  •      Permits must be displayed on your dash as you enter campus. 
  •      Parking attendants will detach the perforated bottom portion of the permit as you enter your lot.  You must keep the larger permit on the dash of the car at all times.
  •      There is no exit and re-entry to the parking lots for any reason.
  •      If you are assigned to the Red Lot 27, please note that Toby Creek has been renamed Alumni Way at the WT Harris Blvd entrance. 
  •      Many surface lots are full.  Therefore, you must set up your tailgating items behind your vehicle in accordance with the Tailgating Policy.
  •      Please take time to review the tailgating policy before you arrive on campus.
  •      Please place trash in the receptacles provided in the tailgating lots.
  •      Grills and tents are not permitted in any of the parking decks on campus.
  •      Single game permits are available online for the Yellow Union or Purple West Deck through Click and Park at $15 per vehicle plus convenience fee.
  •      Cash parking is available in the Pink Cone Deck for $20 per vehicle.
  •      All parking lots close two hours after the game.
  •      Parking permits ordered from the Athletic Foundation after July 9 were mailed on August 23 or 25.  It is our understanding that the mail has been slow to deliver these.  Please continue to check your mail through Thursday, August 29.  If you do not receive the permits at the end of the day on the 29th please contact the Athletic Foundation at (704) 687-4950. 
  •      For additional information please visit https://pats.uncc.edu/football-parking?&DB_OEM_ID=23200.


  •      Be sure to carefully tear your tickets from your FSL booklet.  The stub with the barcode must be attached as it validates entry into the stadium.  Tickets without a barcode will require waiting at the ticket office for assistance. 
  •      Gates to Jerry Richardson Stadium open at 10:30am and fans are also encouraged to enter early to avoid expected long lines into the stadium.
  •      Online Ticket Management Functions - Season ticket holders will have online access to print, transfer and/or donate their tickets. Note: these functions will deactivate the ticket(s) you received in the mail which will make those tickets invalid. To access, login to your account at www.ticketreturn.com.   Click here for online ticket management instructions. 

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