clt demands to know who else is going to be out there next week. clt thinks this is going to be great. clt reminds you to bring a plastic cup for your adult beverages.

taillgating where?

does clt demand that you tell us where to tailgate?

clt had a feeling a few people missed this: from the u times:

Pre-game tailgating allowed at UNCC

Homecoming game against Southern Miss to be trial run for future pre-game tailgating opportunities
by Stephanie Lazzaro
UT Editor in Chief
February 18, 2005 12:00 AM

Imagine a parking lot of Niners packed tighter than a can of sardines. Instead of frustrated drivers, there are spirited mingling fans. These fans are crammed into this parking lot for a few hours of pre-game tailgating and socializing.

In fact, this is something Niner fans can look forward to now as this Homecoming will mark the first opportunity to test out the new tailgating policy. Before the Homecoming game against Southern Miss on Feb. 26, the University’s first tailgating event will take place.

Students, their families, alumni, faculty and staff and the community are allowed to begin tailgating two hours before the game in parking Lot 23 located by the athletic field house, a nine minute walk to Halton Arena. Parking will be allotted in a first come, first serve basis, and there will not be any reserved parking spots.

“We have hopes that this will begin a school tradition and that it will continue for years,” said Mike Mintz, the student representative of the tailgating policy planning committee. "Success for students honestly is going to be determined based on how the student body responds to and respects what privileges have been given to them.

“If there is a large turn out, responsible members, and without problems, the students can expect this to be a success in the venue of improving school spirit, and bringing a closer relation to students, alumni and faculty alike.”

According to Mintz, the concept of tailgating before a game arose about two years ago. Last summer, the support of UNC Charlotte faculty finally came through.

The tailgating policy reads Lot 23 as specifically designated for “all spectators to socialize, tailgate and enjoy pre-game pageantry.” Tailgaters have two hours before tip-off to indulge in these festivities. After tip-off, tailgaters have 10 minutes to clear the lot, regardless of whether they plan to attend the game. Tailgaters must also leave their vehicles at the location and may remove their cars after halftime.

“I [would] like to see the Green Flood 10 minutes before tip-off, marching toward the SAC,” said Mintz. “Let our opponent not forget who has the home court advantage. Let them remember UNCC as the arena of intimidation, the ring of fire.”

At the pre-game festivities, tailgaters are permitted to cook out on grills. There are some suggested outlines to the type of grill and other guidelines, which can be accessed on the Homecoming Web site, homecoming.uncc.edu/events.php. For example, it should cease 30 minutes before tip-off.

Tailgaters may not have catered food for their cookout nor can individuals sell food or beverages. If interested, tailgaters can purchase wings, deli and veggie trays, barbecue chicken and other items from Chartwells by calling 704-687-2405 at least two days before the event.

Because of concern about how people will be cooking their food, the policy includes tips about food preparation and handling to avoid possible food poisoning. Some tips include washing hands before preparing food and packing sanitary wipes with their tailgating packages.

Another milestone of this tailgating is anyone 21 years or older will be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages, but only in paper or plastic cups. For safety reasons, glass bottles, kegs and open containers will not be permitted. Responsible and safe drinking is expected of those who attend, as well as appropriate behavior. University Police will be closely watching for underage drinking.

“University Police will only intervene only if necessary. If in the best interest, medically or regarding safety of an individual or those around,” said Mintz. “But, they are not there to disrupt or hamper responsible members who are drinking.”

According to the policy, “inappropriate behavior may result in sanctions by law enforcements and/or forfeitures of tailgating privileges.”

To promote the new policy to the Univerisity, next week, a few trucks will be located around the Belk Tower as information booths on the top 10 tips of tailgating, to encourage students to attend the event next weekend. They will also be informed about the 10 major aspects of the policy.

“Working around the thought that it would never receive a good turn out has been our biggest hurdle,” said Mintz. He believes this will not be the case and that students will react to this new policy. Mintz hopes students will be more spirited if “we will allow celebration for sports events.” He also would like to see the event become a tradition.

The future of tailgating at UNCC lies strongly within student’s hands through their actions and participation, marked first by outcome of next Saturday’s tailgating.

“Bearing that we don’t have a major catastrophe or that the students are completely out of hand,” said Mintz, “I would hope the University would understand that this is a trial run, and would like to see what happens next year.”

Mintz also hopes in the future, students will look to expect the event to proactively rally school spirit before games, rather than encourage underage alcohol consumption.

“The success, both for Homecoming and for years to come, is not determinant on the committee that has put this together, for we are willing and eager to have this as new tradition,” said Mintz. “The control has now passed to the students. Their actions will determine our success later.”

Top 10 Tailgating tips

Here is a quick glance at the tailgating policies. To ensure the event goes smoothly and students are fully aware of the policy, please visit the Web site listed in No. 10. Go to Events where the full Tailgating Policy available on PDF.

  1. Tailgating will begin two hours before tip-off in Lot 23.
  2. Spots are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Get there early for prime parking!
  3. Tailgaters must vacate the lot 10 minutes after tip-off, but cars cannot be removed until after halftime.
  4. Individuals 21 years or older may consume alcohol, but drink responsibly.
  5. Alcohol must be consumed directly from plastic or paper cups.
  6. Use care when grilling, which must end 30 minutes before tip-off.
  7. All grills must be cooled and cleared from the lot before tip-off.
  8. No sale of food or beverages are allowed.
  9. No off campus catering services are allowed. For tailgating food packages, contact Chartwell’s Dining Services at 704-687-2405.
  10. Visit the Homecoming Web site, homecoming.uncc.edu, for more details.

LakeNorman49er, tailgating will be allowed in Lot 23 located by the Wachovia Field House.

Please don’t let NormanNiner down there before the game.


I plan on firing up the grill & popping a case, but jeez they got more rules & regulations than strip clubs. :o

[b]Responsible and safe drinking is expected of those who attend, as well as appropriate behavior.[/b]

I’m guessing this is the first one to go. B)

That’s awesome though…finally, a great step in making the games actual events. Those rules aren’t bad at all…they are pretty much the same anywhere.

Does no catering mean no ordering pizza?

I’m guessing, if you want to order something like that you have to do it by Chartwell’s. Here is a link to the Dining Services catering website…I would think you could order anything you want from there.

I see where they are coming from though. If everyone who tailgated bought from someone else, they’d lose quite a bit of money in the deal…that is if there is a really large turnout. It may be an overreaction, because when I tailgate I usually grill my own…and drink much more than I eat.

Chartwells Catering Menu

Is Chartwell’s the campus food service? We used to have PFM which stood for Pretty F’n Miserable :o

[i]Originally posted by WastedNiner[/i]@Feb 19 2005, 03:18 PM [b] Is Chartwell's the campus food service? We used to have PFM which stood for Pretty F'n Miserable :o [/b]
They are horrible. The pre-game meals have gone down hill every year.

PI will get some real catering out at that tailgate party.

I didn’t say they were any good. Just do it the old fashioned way like me…a grill and a couple of coolers.

clt will be there. you should be too, infidel.

[i]Originally posted by 49erpi+Feb 19 2005, 04:32 PM-->
[b]QUOTE[/b] (49erpi @ Feb 19 2005, 04:32 PM)
<!--QuoteBegin-WastedNiner[/i]@Feb 19 2005, 03:18 PM [b] Is Chartwell's the campus food service? We used to have PFM which stood for Pretty F'n Miserable :o [/b] They are horrible. The pre-game meals have gone down hill every year.

PI will get some real catering out at that tailgate party. [/b][/quote]
We used to say PFM stood for Patrons Flush More.

clt says bring clt your finest meats and cheeses.

I have already ordered my tickets to the Alumni Bar-B-Q. :frowning: I wish I had seen this before hand. Maybe I will do some pre-Bar-B-Q tailgating. I think this would be great if they would allow this at all the games next year.

clt had just found out from a credible source, there is also a baseball game saturday.


lot 23 is a hike.

[i]Originally posted by ninerID[/i]@Feb 21 2005, 10:20 AM [b] lot 23 is a hike. [/b]
get drunk and it'll be fun, esp with a huge group walking with you.

i want to tailgate just to support the cause. we do it at home already. but i guess if everyone comes out there, then it’ll be straight.

Any of ya’ll from the board planning to congregate? Just booked my hotel for this weekend so I’m coming down. It be cool to check out the Charlotte tailgating scene.