Taylor Griffin -- 2005

Rivals is reporting that we have offered him a scholarship.

6’6 225lbs combo forward from Oklahoma Christian (Ok.)

Averaged 20 pts and 12 rebs last year

Listed as a 3 star and 134th overall (34th PF)

Taylor Griffin

per rivals.com article

“Griffin is explosive from 15-feet and in and can get the ball in the basket. He is also a very strong rebounder and runs well”

theinsidershoops.com scouting report: “Versatile forward; plays multiple positions for his high school team. Has some range to face up. One of his strengths is his hoops IQ.”

So says Rivals, the Sooners have landed him. If they got Neal too for sure, ouch ouch.

they are getting us back for snagging Alexander from them

[i]Originally posted by Chisox17[/i]@Aug 17 2004, 10:19 AM [b]they are getting us back for snagging Alexander from them[/b]
Anyone else willing to trade Alexander for Neal and Griffin? I'm sure we could work something out.... :D