Team Per Diem

This posted by Derrio Green… I think im on his on this one… Slightly ridiculous

Derrio Green Charlotte basketball might as well be a D3 school… How u gonna have us stay 5 days n Georgia n give us no per diem?!? #wheretheydothatat

hmmm… yep, ridiculous. I wouldn’t think this is normal, even for Charlotte. Anyone know what they are on usual away trips?

But still don’t like a player using the web to air out their frustrations and critizing Charlotte.

Wow. That’s really Mickey Mouse operations if so.

The NCAA has approval on per diem that a team gives to players when out of town. Green needs to learn that he needs to air his problems inside the team and not to the world. That was one of Spears’ problems as well.

yeah, we must have hired a jewish accountant.

I’m thinking any school that starves players 2 states away for 5 days, doesn’t morally DESERVE to have thinks handled internally. Go Derrio, fight the power!

oh they’ll be fine. they can fight for their food on Thursday and Sunday. Coaching staff consulted Michael Vick for new coaching strategies.

Let’s not knock it until we see the results!

This doesn’t mean they are being starved SCK, per diem is for players to go out and get their own food, they are probably having a lot a of team meals instead.

Quick, let’s panic without knowing the whole picture! :’(

The school has to feed the players. They can’t choose not to. Doesn’t mean the school has to give the players cash to spend. For all we know, the players abused the per diem policy and spent the money on fast food and the leftovers on clothes.

I agree with everyone who says this shouldn’t be put on a public forum. It hurts recruiting and hurts the image of our school in general.

This doesn’t mean they are being starved SCK, per diem is for players to go out and get their own food, they are probably having a lot a of team meals instead.[/quote]

Kinda like when I was a kid… my mom would make a HUGE pot of vegetable soup or Pork and Pinto Beans on Sunday. We would eat on that ALLLLLLLL week until it was gone. If on Thursday I said, “Mom, I’m hungry… I’m tired of the vegetable soup”. She would say, “There’s food in the fridge to eat. You want something else, you have to pay for it.”

Maybe players aren’t happy with 15 meals of PB&J.

I hate vegetable soup and pork and pinto beans now. Anyways, back to the thread.

Major prob doing double face palm right now.

[b]NCAA Rules Regarding Per Diem and Meal Allowances for Student-Athletes[/b] Per NCAA Bylaw, all student-athletes on the same team must receive identical meal allowances on intercollegiate trips and during vacation periods when student-athletes are required to remain on campus for organized practice sessions or competition. Such allowances may not exceed the amount provided by the institution to institutional staff members on away-from-campus trips and [b]may not be provided for a particular meal if the student-athlete receives that meal (or its equivalent) from another source (i.e., coach pays, event banquet, etc.). [/b] Any meal may be: [ul] [li] Fed as a team meal and charged on the hotel bill, [/li] [li] Fed at a remote location and paid from this advance fund, or [/li] [li] Given as cash to each student with their signature on the Student Per Diem Signature Form serving as their receipt.[/l][/l]

Like Felt said I imagine there will be a lot of team meals. This team spent more time on their games than on twitter and facebook whining they might already be over .500 instead of having to beat Mercer to get there.[/ul]

Nevermind, this ticky tack 1 ring circus, NAIA program we run is pathetic!

I think this vindicates Shamari.

not even close and no reason to bring that up here.

I was going to let it die 2 weeks ago PB, but starving players forced my hand, & that’s why it SHOULD be mentioned here.

Yes that explains why Shamari was so out of shape this year. He wasn’t getting his three square meals a day so he ate Sean Phaler.

This is why you are my favorite poster, you stand up for our STARVING PLAYERS!!!

This may be an overreaction on Derrio’s part… but… this is the sole reason why we all are ALWAYS disappointed when march comes around… The Athletic dept.

ummm, i dont think Spears missed any meals.