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This is a good deal for people with families… and long overdue.

I hope they run this in the O tomorrow and Wednesday.

Nice deal. We need to get the word out. It should be more popular for weekend games. Taking the whole family out on a school night is not doable for some. Wed church night also hurts us. Just glad we don’t play tomorrow night.

[QUOTE=LeftyNiner;152686]Just glad we don’t play tomorrow night.[/QUOTE]

I’ll second that :hammer:

[QUOTE=moss2k;152688]I’ll second that :hammer:[/QUOTE]
If you are taking a count of people who are missing something, mark me down…:unsure:

tomorrow night is the Duke vs UNC game. So half or more of our students would watch taht instead of ours…

I’m going to be brushing up on my needlepoint tonight.