Terry Holland challenges the ACC

Most here should find this interesting… Terry Holland wants the ACC to play ECU regularly in G’ville.

ECU AD wants UNC, Duke, others to play the Pirates in basketball at Greenville

I am not sure this is the right approach but maybe that just me.

that would make sense if we did it, but ecu has no pull at all they are never even in the nit.

It’s a terrible approach and he’s very hypocritical saying that he wouldn’t have played ECU when he was at Virginia. Let’s face it, Greenville is the last place on earth the Duke’s and UNC’s want to play. It’s a crappy town that’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s no reason for any team to go there if they don’t have to. Plus, ECU’s fans continually show how classless they are, so why would you want to schedule there. The most hilarious part of that article is that he’s saying he’ll only play a one for one. Let’s just see how many ACC schools play in Greenville now after this ground breaking article.

And for the record Charlotte should never schedule ECU after leaving CUSA.