Are we really that bad without Mitchell Baldwin?


I almost wish we had been down about 8 at the half because apparently, we got a little too comfortable with that lead and felt like we didn’t need to show up in the 2nd half. The final 20 minutes of that game was the sorriest effort I’ve seen from a Niner team in a long time.

we are always too comfortable with a lead!! always. we are so laid-back to begin with, we think we can get the lead and just hold it. that is why i have never seen us blow a team out…except for A T&T or whoever it was last year.

i know we blew out Delaware St. last year

well, delware st, true, but their PG was like 5’2" or something. wasnt that the team? they brought out a phone book for him to stand on to shoot threes. we should of blown out ECU, every year. Now i am terribly scared about our game AT ECU. we always play down to our competion, never up to it. Let’s start a gathering where we can all hold hands and pray we dont blow away the season. Picassos???