The 49ers Insider for March 26-28 is online!!

Click and watch. Tennis player Koren Fleming is the host.


I do interviews on mondays and tuesdays for the show, which features a look at what’s coming up for the weekend and early part of the next week.

Things to look forward to are the baseball game vs. Wake Forest here on campus next Tuesday and the softball game vs. South Carolina next Wednesday.

Another chance to win tickets to the baseball game vs. Wake when you email with Koren’s answer to the question of the week in the 49er Profile segment.

1st correct response wins tickets and a 49ers Insider t-shirt. Next 4 correct responses win t-shirts.


Thanks Insider, for your complete coverage of the 49ers!

5pm bump.

How 'bout a t shirt for kicking my arse the NNN tourney?


How 'bout a t shirt for kicking my arse the NNN tourney?


You know I’m all over it! PM me your address and shirt size.
I don’t have mediums right now though. S,L, XL, XXL only.

How about a Friday morning bump?

By the way, no ticket or t-shirt winners yet for this week.

I know alot of you are students, but you can still win t-shirts.


lunch time bump and still no ticket winner.