The City of Charlotte

I was just reading the US census of all things and I noticed the city of Charlotte jumped from 395,934 to 540, 828 between 1990 and 2000. I assume your up around 600,000 by now. Why is Charlotte growing at such a rapid rate? Are the newcomer carpet-bagging Yankees like myself? I am a new Massachusetts native but with the year I may be relocating to either, Cincy/Dayton area, or Tampa for work. I’ve heard some people say Charlotte is like a Atlanta jr. Decent weather, by Northeat standards, affordable real-estate (also by NE standards). How’s the city’s nightlife? B)

Nightlife isn’t bad. I doubt that it would compare to the likes of Boston or Atlanta but there are things to do you just have to go uptown to do them.

Population went up because of all the bandwagon 49er fans the city added in those 10 years

North Carolina has pretty lax annexation laws, and that allows Charlotte to gobble up a lot of unincorporated land outside of the city. There was even speculation a couple years back whether the city would try to cross county or state lines.

They heard the chant EDDIE…EDDIE…EDDIE and wanted to know what that is all about? Now they know! :rolleyes:

Truth: Northerners and Mexicaners.

[i]Originally posted by UMass13[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 02:56 PM [b] Why is Charlotte growing at such a rapid rate? [/b]
Earnhardt got popular. :D

According to the Charlotte Chamber, Charlotte had 614,000 residents in '04. Mecklenburg county had just over 800,000 people. The county is projected to have approximately one million by 2010.


clt hasn’t noticed anyone new. these numbers are as false as a cup full of day old jello being eaten by a squirrel in winter.

the NC annexation laws have benefits because it counteracts the migration away from the center of the city which depletes a city of its rich tax base. A clear example is Richmond VA and Raleigh NC. I don’t think virginia has the same laws as nc and richmond is a depressed city. Raleigh is much better because they can annex unincorporated areas where $$ people live and provide for a stronger tax base. With a finite city limit. Eventually all of the $$ moves to the suburbs that are unicorporated or outside city limits and the city has no funds and becomes a depressed city. (See richmond, cincy, detroit)

I have seen reports in the charlotte observer that by 2050, Charlotte and Raleigh will be one big metropolitan area. SCARY!!!


brightside: State and Chapel hill will have to play the niners because we will be cross-town rivals.