The Official "We want Ishmael Smith" Thread

Saw the PG from central cabarras play North Meck… we have to have that guy!

Ish Smith is lightning quick and will most likely be very successful at the D1 level. I would love it if we were able to pull him away from the ACC

As a CCHS alum and a UNCC drop out…I agree! :frowning:

Well, as a Central Cab alumni and double grad of UNC Charlotte, I would love to have this kid play for us. I mean, hell, Lutz’ daughters go to his school…coach has gotta know everything about this kid, down to what kind of bran flakes he eats for breakfast!

He’s very talented. Would be a great future point guard to take over after Mitch.

I am a Northwest Cabarrus grad, and I say that all people who went to Central Cabarrus can fornicate themselves with a baseball bat.

But yeah, Smith would be a great addition for us.