The Sporting News

For what it is worth I recieved my new edition of SportingNews today and they jumped us all the way up to #20!!! Cincinatti is #24

They have been giving us love all year…I dont know who is on the staff that likes us so much but hey keep it coming!!!

Also on Sporting on there bracket update they have Charlotte as a #6 seed facing Notre Dame in the 1st round. I’m sure Digger would pick the Irish! I know how much some of you people LOVE Digger! haha

If we win our two big games against Louisville and Depaul, and then have a good showing at the CUSA tourney its possible we could be a 5 seed? I know I know thats alot of ‘ifs’ but I think it could happen

SN has always liked us. They are NOT the elitist rag that SI is.