The Surreal Life

I was surfing thru the channels last night and came up on the last 30 minutes of the new Surreal Life on VH-1. Did anybody else see it?

Mini-me, black out drunk, being carried to bed by Peter Brady then wakes up in the middle of the night jumps on his scooter and takes off buck naked, thinks he is in the bathroom and starts p*ssing in the corner of the hallway.

An angry sh*t faced dwarf riding around on his scooter buck naked. Now that is reality TV!!

I caught the first epi late last night, looks like it has potential to be pretty funny.

I just caught here at work on a lunch break and nearly peed my pants over Mini-Me’s behavior. :lmao: :smirk:

I caught this last night since my normal Thursday night viewing was INTERRUPTED BY THE STUPID WEATHERMEN FOR 2 FREAKING HOURS. Mini-me drunk was a classic, funny stuff. Who does Da Bratt think she is? Doesn’t she realize she is washed up too? I couldn’t tell you one song she has done. And Chyna, good grief she is really out there. I do like the model that is staying there though!!!

I saw it last night too… mini-me was 2’-8" of pure comedy. What the hell were those noises he was making when he was drunk? :blink:

Ya gotta love Christopher Knight and the whole fatherly, Brady Bunch feel-good element he brings. Was hilarious seeing him carry Mini-me like a little baby…haha.