The T...

As soon as Lutz got the T, it was easy to see the game was over. 3 out of the 4 times we’ve gotten a T this year we’ve lost (at least that I can remember). Honestly, Bobby isn’t going to get upset if he is getting fair treatment from the refs. But when it comes straight down to it, Louisville outplayed us no matter what the refs did, and anyone in the NCAA with their performance tonight. I don’t even think Illinois could take the team that beat us tonight.

60% from the floor!

If Louisville could cut their turnovers down then they are the #1 or 2 team in America when they play like that!

Congrats to Louisville on an awesome Senior Night performance and I’m sure all the fans at Charlotte wish them good luck in a Final Four rematch :wink:

It doesnt matter AT ALL, but that was the biggest moving screen violation I have ever seen, and the call goes on Mitch. That being said, I can understand being frustrated, but Bobby has to restrain himself in that situation…we were dead in the water after they hit those 4 FT’s.

I agree… I said it in another thread, but that was the textbook definition of a moving screen. Bobby had a legitimate argument. Instead of a foul on them, we get a foul on us and they get 4 quick points at the line. That was kind of a turning point that put us down 13 right before the half.

With the way Louisville shot the ball tonight though, it probably wouldn’t have mattered.

I think he was still fuming from Plav getting pounded on that 3 in the corner that wasn’t called. Majerus and O’Brien both called “foul” on that one. We had a good crew for the game, but we couldn’t get a charge called to save our lives. We played solid D several times when we got it back to 12 or 14, drew a charge, but it was not called or called a block instead. Every time we had a chance to swing the mo, it just didn’t happen. I can’t argue with the T. I was cussing at the TV when he got it, so I would have gotten one also. :unsure: :cuss:

Wonder if someone will blame the loss on that T? Like they have in games past.

I actually liked the T…for some reason I think Lutz knew the game was getting out of hand with the way Louisville was on and he wanted to make sure the team did not quit no matter how ugly the game got.

Which reminds me, I am glad to see the defense and hustle in the last minute of the game. This team has pride.

Easy guys, easy… talking about all these missed calls, we’re starting to sound like Memphis State fans. All refs make bad calls. It’s not like it made a difference in the game, so let’s just let it go.

The “T” was terrible timing and offered zero benefit but far from being the reason we lost this game. When someone named Larry that doesn’t have the last name of “Bird” drops 26 on you in the first half, bad things tend to happen. You can’t pinpoint any one incident/situation in this game as a reason for the loss. When you play poor defense and your opponent shoots 60+% from the field, you’re not going to win. And when that team is as good as Louisville, you’re lucky to not get blown out.

We ran into a buzzsaw last night and Lutz’s T was strictly frustration. But TERRIBLE timing. It offered nothing. Oh well, at that point I think it was obvious that we were going down. It’s awfully tough to beat a good shooting team like that on their homecourt on senior night. Plus, you couple that with poor shot selection, 35% shooting, and no defense…well you get the picture, it wasn’t pretty for us.

But how about Louisville? Sure, they shot well, but why? Because they also put on a passing clinic. Say all you want about the moving screens but they passed the ball so quickly that the screens were irrelevant at that point. You very rarely see a team get so many quality looks like they did. Hats off to them and Pitino. He had a great game plan and worked it to perfection.

I hope we can rebound, but Louisville is a definite 3 seed, perhaps a 2 if they win the CUSA tourney.

GO Niners!

[b]Say all you want about the moving screens but they passed the ball so quickly that the screens were irrelevant at that point. [/b]

Agreed. They swing the ball around well on the perimeter and wait until they get the open look. Myles is a great passer for a big man, and he usually gets rid of it before he gets into trouble in the post. He’s almost as good at the kick-out pass as JZ was for us a few moons ago.

FWIW, I thought it was a moving screen although it looked like a Charlotte player had our guy by the arm before the screen. But he was moving for sure and I thought we got away with one there. I thought it was a big mistake to get a “T” at that moment, changed the flow of the game.

Yeah, it was a bad time to get a T, but it wasn’t one of Bobby’s “intentional” T’s to get the team fired up. I’m not sure what he said, but it couldn’t have been as bad as all of Callapari’s consistant whining and mocking of the officials last week (that he didn’t get a T for :rolleyes: ).

The biggest problem I had with the ‘T’ was the fact that the offical on the otherside of the court came running in to call it. If a coach is going to get T’d in a game as big as last night’s was suppose to be, it should the the official he is talking to that makes the call. That being said, I don’t think the ‘T’ had anything to do with the loss. It was just a symptom of the frustration that Bobby was feeling (along with the rest of us). The Cards played great game and we had no answer. I am a little suprised that Bobby waited until the second half to put Eddie on O’Bannon.