The vaunted double snub

Here Curtis is snubbed on ESPN’s “All Americans” poll

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And the Niners are snubbed on ESPN’s Top 25, where the top 30 “candidates” are listed.

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Basketball Times just came out with an article on the best 15 players in the country based on something called a TENDEX rating, it has something to do with stats from last year.

The bottom line was that according to this stat he is their number 15 in the nation. Garcia was number 6.

Oh well, I’m surprised that someone didn’t nominate butlick randolph for that list, he’s gonna break out this year you know, break out for 9 and 6. Can’t believe they have randolph morris on their too, the kid hasn’t played a single game yet. Morons

Curtis just isn’t well known and neither is our team. Hopefully this year will change that.