This is our chance...

Over the last two years I thought we really needed to try and step up to take advantage of the local sports market. The NBA was gone and the Panthers were coming off of a 1 win season. Well, in that first year, we were not very good and the Panthers were improved. Last year, we returned to our normal status of making the dance with an early exit. Unfortunately for us, the Panthers go to the Super Bowl and over-shadowed anything we did or could have done all season.

Well, we have another opportunity knocking on our door. The NBA is back, but the team should be at or near the bottom of the league. The Panthers are terrible again. With the general sentiment being that we have a chance to be special this year, it would just seem that this is a good year to be special.

The Charlotte Observer must be seeing a hint of this also, as we’ve seen that the coverage of our team has already been stepped up from prior years.

I just hope things pan out for us and we get the breakthrough season we all want and the program needs.