This NEEDS to be our intro or warm-up song... PERIOD

Papoose - Born to Win

Hes the hottest rapper out there that most people have never heard of. This song is pure hype… “I was born to win; everybody loves a winner”

thats awful

I believe the intro song should be Roy Jones Jr.-- Can’t be touched… Talk about a song that gets you hyped


Simply believe this because we were the only high school to come out to this and all the other teams were like what is that and where did you guys get that…Because that is phat and we wont it…we wouldnt tell them so it was only our teams intro in area no one else had it

thats awful


The beat’s not too bad, but the rapping is boring and terrible.


Lets play sweet home alabama


Lets play sweet home alabama[/QUOTE]

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my ear drums hate you…

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Thanks, but no thanks.

Still partial to the one from a couple of years ago. I think it was Dr. Dre.

for the record, I think Dr. Dre blows, but that song works well.

Definitely this [I][B][U][URL=]one.[/URL][/U][/B][/I]

That would by far, be the best intro video EVAR!!!

has anyone rickrolled this thread yet?

No one could ever use this without everyone thinking of this oranization


get matt sweirad to do intros


Just for fun, someone should ask Coach Lutz what he wants to hear. Can’t really see him as rap aficianado (sp?), but I did learn earlier this year that Mark Martin (longtime NASCAR driver) is a bigtime rap fan…so you never really know.

Personally, if the pregame intro music was left to me it would be Ozzy Osbourne “Crazy Train”.

get matt sweirad to do intros



I really liked the intro for the SIU game.

I’m old school- “Another One Bites the Dust” or “Renegade”

Another one Bites the Dust would be hot.

Or some Rage Against the Machine. BULLS ON PARADE!!!