Thoughts After Graduating

I know it’s been a while since graduation this spring, but seeing all of the move in pictures this weekend took me back to when I moved in the first time. Man what a time I had over my 4 years. I have made many friends and memories that I will never forget and cherish forever. This is a really special place with a really special campus. When you really think about what is offered on the campus and how it is laid out, it is simply amazing. There is a great future for this school academically and athletically. This is only the beginning. There are more and more people graduating every semester which will eventually build up. It is only a matter of time before we really start to creep up on some of the other schools that have a deeper history than us.

We now have the right administration in position to lead us even higher. Charlotte has the foundation to be something great. We must also do our part on and off the field/court. We all play a role in the schools further rise. There are going to be some very exciting times to come!

Since I have been rambling on for a little while, I think it was good that I put this in the rambling section lol.


4 years? I liked it enough to stay a couple years longer.

Welcome to the board @Charlotte2019. Hope you will join us at some ball games this year.