Thoughts and Prayers for kpig's son

Most of you know one of Memphis’ fans kpig. I saw on the Memphis board that his son is having surgery on his hips to take out the metal pins and brackets that were put in last year. The surgery is today at 1.

I know he’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Here’s to a complication-free surgery and speedy recovery! Hope everything went/is going well.

My best wishes!

Thanks for y’alls kind thoughts and prayers. This was a follow-up to last years surgery, and they went in and took out the metal pins and brackets used to hold the bones together. It went very well, and he got out today after only staying one night. He was already smiling at the nurses this morning !

Again, thanks for thinking about Tyler.


Glad things went well for Tyler, kpig! He’s one strong kid.