Thoughts on the ECU Game

I live her in Greenville, and went to the game.

After calming down , going to see the movie Millin Dollar Baby, and eating,

I am now ready to give my two cents worth.

I have not seen the box score, nor have I read any other posts.

Greenville is always a tough place to play.

The only people ready to play this game for Charlotte were Withers and Lutz.

The rest of them looked like SH^&

Withers dominated in the second half when we could get him the ball.

Baldwin was absent from the game.

Eddie played terrible.

ECU basically sucks.

Lutz put some kind of tounge lashing on Iti…

We did not score in the last 4 and one half minutes.

Withers missed a dunk.

I will have to listen to sh%^ from my ecu buddies for wahile.

We tried some kind of half assed alley oop play.

All of that being said…

It was only one game, we are 14-4 and we will most likely be OK.

Bad loss indeed. However, most teams are going to have them. We’ll be OK.