Time Warner Ch. 22

The WFNZ broadcast is just not cutting it for me. I live 10 minutes from downtown Charlotte and get a terrible signal on WFNZ. There is a lot of static and a high pitched squealing that makes it almost unlistenable at times. Judging by comments in the chat room, others are having the same problem.

Who is dropping the ball at Time Warner ch. 22? Aren’t they supposed to broadcast the audio for all of our games? I know they used to… What has been the problem lately? It can’t be that hard to do, can it? Ch. 22 will reach a lot more meople than WFNZ will… and without the static and squealing. The Yahoo! feed is ok for out of towners, but your “average” local fan isn’t going to pay $5/month to sit in front of a computer and listen to the games… and they shouldn’t have to.

I know of several people at work that relied on ch. 22 for all non-tv away games and have no way of listening when the game isn’t broadcast there. I’m sure there are others out there. Who can we call/email at the school or Time Warner to get this working again?

Yeah, Channel 22 has always been a great alternative to listening to the audio feed. My ears have bled the last two nights from the high pitch squeal of WFNZ’s radio signal and I’m no further from the station than you are. It’s really sad that we don’t have other means of listening to non-televised road games but oh well.

There is probably a contractual issue with the yahoo/collegesports/real audio deal now where they can’t broadcast games.

It’s $5/month folks. Don’t buy it all season, just get it this month and maybe next until the TV schedule gets going. If you’re a poor student, chip in with some guys on your floor and share a PC (although I remember 610 coming in ok on campus).

Sunday night there was no excuse, last night there was a class on from 8-9 I think.

The $5/ month isn’t really the issue.

There are plenty of people out there who used to listen when it was easy and convenient (and free didn’t hurt) that aren’t listening anymore. Some don’t have internet access, some don’t want to sit in front of a computer for 2 hours to listen to a game, and some don’t want to pay $5 for something that was free last year. How many people do you think signed up for our yahoo broadcasts? 100? 150? How many people do you think would listen if it was still broadcast on ch. 22? More than that I’m sure. If they signed some kind of exclusive deal with yahoo, that may have been a bad idea in my opinion. Oh well…

What I really want to see is televised games over the internet like Memphis had. That worked great for that game.

[QUOTE=austinniner;139557]What I really want to see is televised games over the internet like Memphis had. That worked great for that game.[/QUOTE]

That would be worth paying for… even if they just showed the games with no commentary.

Instead of signing a $5/month deal with yahoo, we should have tried to get on sat. radio. I think people would be much more likely to pay $13/month for our games plus a lot of other music/programming than they would be to pay $5/month for 1 or 2 games.

Agreed. $5 is nothing for a month’s worth of audio. My beef is just simply the lack of alternatives. I know it’s a dead horse and it won’t ever change but 610AM as our primary source for game audio is terrible. And yes, I know it costs more to get on the FM. And I know we’re not the least bit attractive to a FM station from a marketing perspective. I’m just venting because I think we deserve better than a piss-poor AM signal that you can barely hear once the sun goes down. Not to mention on that we share with an ACC school as our “flagship” station. Though last night, I’m glad more people weren’t tuned in. :tongue:

I miss the days when our games were on 106.5 FM. Don’t really see how we were any more marketable back then than we are now though.

well the game is on 1660 tonight according to fnz, guess ill have to miss it.

Not me, I’m not going to miss a minute. I’m a glutton for punishment.:hammer:

i mean if its on 1660 i am forced to miss it cause i dont get that signal