Tix question for alumns

How much does it cost to get lower level season tickets for Mens games? If I end up at Charlotte Law next year (which I may) I will be purchasing seasons tickets to Niners games. How much am I looking at for two seats?

NinerCentral you should address that question to the Ticket Office. (704) 687-4949 They would help you best.

About 10 grand to the 49er Club for starters, then the cost of tickets.

That sucks. Upper level seats suck, but very few 21 year olds have 10 grand laying around to buy basketball tickets. They should have better deals for new alumni.

ninercentral lower level are prime seats. You got to give a little to get a little.

Im not arguing that they are prime, but in an arena that rarely sells out I think $10,000 on top of seasons tickets is a bit stiff.

[QUOTE=Ninercentral;166375]How much does it cost to get lower level season tickets for Mens games? [/QUOTE]

the tickets themselves are not that much. maybe about $18 a game i think. a little less for some games. the tough part is getting yourself a high enough ranking in the 49er club to obtain downstairs seats.

hp stated $10,000 is needed to obtain that ranking. i heard the same thing from another source. the whole key for your sitution is to start donating NOW because of the way the points system works. this will give you an advantage down the road over first time contributors.

There isn’t a bad seat in Halton

Im not arguing that they are prime, but in an arena that rarely sells out I think $10,000 on top of seasons tickets is a bit stiff.

Halton doesn’t always sell out, but the lower level always does. The $10,000 is lifetime giving not per year.

i recommend grabbing a/some seat/seats in section 216 or 226. those are the cheaper “alumni seats” but you’ll see some older farts sitting there too. take the money you save and add it to your 49er club donation. that’s a good way to get extra points. you should then have no trouble bumping up your annual donation enough to sit downstairs once you graduate from law school.

I agree the seats are good everywhere in Halton. My issue is with the atmosphere of the crowd up there. Im going to really miss being in the student section.

I thought that the loyalty points you accrue as a student help you as an alumni.

then why is the lower level always empty, even when the upper is jampacked?

^^ I have never heard that. And for someone like me, who as a senior was here for the start of the points system, if that is true, it would do me little to no good.

First time Alum buyers can get tickets for $49 EACH!!! That’s about $3.50 per game. Like others said, the KEY is to join the 49er club.

[QUOTE=finalfourtyniners;166407]then why is the lower level always empty, even when the upper is jampacked?[/QUOTE]

because many of the high dollar contributors do not always attend our games. some of those seats are also purchased by businesses.

i know it is not fair to the die-hard fan but many other programs also experience the same dilemma. some other schools you may have heard of that also either have or have had this problem include unc-chapel hill, nc state, and wake.

Im certainly not saying that in the future I won’t contribute to the foundation and pay the cost to get the lower level seats, I mean I love the school. It’s just next year I will be struggling to put food on the table with being in law school, and if the rare chance arises that I am here, I just want to get decent tickets. Right now a couple hundred bucks is not much to me. When Im in law school full time and can’t work 50 hours a week, it’s gonna be a WHOLE lot of money.

Also - I read on the alum website they have pre-game gatherings at the alum house. Is that true? Because if so, Id love to go. I own a small business so contacts are always very important :wink:

There [B]will be[/B] gatherings at the Alumni House, some will be open to all, others will be restricted. Best best is for you to save your $$$ and become a Green Jacket or above member in the 49er Club where you can see many people at the pregame meal.

My 2 cents…I think this whole process is screwed up.

$10,000 in cumlative donations is rediculous, given the current demand for tickets. As much as I love my school that is not even a sensible number for me to be motivated to reach. $1,000 per year with the hope of possibly getting LL seats in ten years?? Hoping for LL seats in 20 years is not a motivator to me.

If “the number” was somewhat lower (say $5,000), I think they might able to generate MORE interest in the 49er Club. Yes, this would likely mean more seats SOMEWHERE on the LL would need to be made available to the general public.

While I’m on the subject (49er Club), I think there are some other ways they could get more money for their supporters. The Cone Deck parking pass IMO is worth a lot more than $49.00. Given the other parking options around campus, I think they could raise it to $100.00 and not lose many (if any) people.

That is the cumulative donation, some like me have been giving something for 30 years or more and it does add up.

The one thing that you seem to forget is that there is a limited number of lower level seats to begin with since the students get an entire side. I never sat above row H in th middle in the old Charlotte Coliseum. There was no problem then giving students so many seats on the side. And no, I’m not going to get into that pissing match tonight on what could/should be done.