Today's GW Game

What a tough one to lose!!! I thought the Niners played well, except for 5 TO by Baldwin.

I couldn’t believe the 3pt at the end of regulation to tie, but watching the tip in at the end of OT was hard to watch.

This team has had some bad luck all year. It would have been nice to end the regular season beating a team like GW.

I know most people are going to ream Goldwire on this board for the tech and possibly the lose, but we can’t fault him for the lose. In my mind, another poor officated game by A-10 refs. I mean come on, did they not see the guy grab and pull Goldwire’s jersey. Natural reaction on his part.

I hope Bobby can sleep after this one, for that matter, all of us Niner fans. If we can play like this next week, we have a shot to win that tournament.


Well people, the Charlotte team we’ve been waiting for to show up all year just did. They just fell short due to misfortune and a little stupidity. Before everyone goes off and bashes Lee, STOP. SHUT UP. Lee was one of the factors keeping us in the game. He is Demon Brown reincarnate. He is the only Niner on this team that seems to play with much emotion (both a good and a bad thing). We got both the good and the bad today. This team proved to me today beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can win the A-10 tourney with or without a matchup against GW. I really like our chances. I’m glad this happened in the last game of the season, and not in the A-10 tourney. Lee is the youngest starter on our team, and believe me, he learned a valuable lesson today. He will be a monster for us in the future (which starts in the A-10 tourney). We went to GW today and rocked their world

  1. on their court
  2. on their senior day

We just didn’t come away with the all important W (Which is the most important thing). Losing this game did nothing to us. Winning it would have done little (we still would be outside the bubble).

I feel so bad for our guys, but I am proud of them too. If bad fortune happens in the A-10 tourney, so be it. I’ll be busy anyway. I’m expecting my second daughter and future Niner on Monday, so I’ll be OK. I’ll continue to let the Niners be the icing on the cake of my life every fall and winter. Cake without icing is still cake.

Leemire is already better as a soph than Demon was in every phase of the game…except maybe long distance shooting. With his work ethic, he’s going to be a lot better than demon in the long run. Just my opinion, but watch next year…

Let’s just beat them next time. We’re obviously just as good as the #6 team in the nation. Beat them next time, get into the tourney, and we can win a couple rounds.