Today's Observer

I didn’t see a thread for this but today’s Observer had plenty of Niner green in it.

On the cover of the Sports page was a big cover story titled “Green Believers” (Green was in Green font too :biggrin) and a big color photo about the Golf team done by Ron Greene Jr. Excellent article Ron!

Right below it there was a color photo of Leemire talking to reporters in Halton. It is a reference blurb to the main article on 6C titled “Charlotte has 3 points in mind.” The article updated several things about the Niners wrote by Utter. Again excellent article.

Page 6C (where the Goldwire article is & referenced from the cover) continued the Greene article from the Cover and also had another article (by Utter) about the Niners winning The Prestige along with the basketball article.

Great Niner coverage and I have to say thanks Mike P for the coverage in today’s paper.

BTW, sorry I didn’t get to post about it earlier but this is for Wednesday’s Observer for you people who get on in the morning and read this.

No, other than the 3 or 4 other threads made about this, it hasnt been mentioned…


haha just giving you a hard time ballin. I saw the print version last night, it looked awesome.