Tom Sorensen

Regardless of your opinion on Tom’s opinions in the sports world, it is a miracle he has made a full recovery from an incident back in September in Baltimore

Glad Tom is recovering and doing well!

I somehow missed this. I was wondering the other day why he wasn’t writing his opinions on the Panthers and Hornets like he usually does.

I actually enjoy his stuff and he was on board with football from the start from what I remember and tends to cover us pretty fairly if we do anything worth the coverage.

I also may be in the minority on this but I think we’re lucky to have Bonnell. He’s a great beat writer, probably one of the best in the NBA.

clt highly endorses Tom. He isn’t afraid of the evil empire.

I have always liked Tom. He tells it like it is. He has also been very supportive of our programs on numerous occasions. He spoke/wrote in favor of us getting football when some others at his company did not.

I enjoyed him revealing that he accidentally called his wife a regular Helen Keller. Tom’s a good writer and I’m glad to see him back at work.