Top Recruiting Class for...

Yes, almost 5 years at OSU. I think that will be a pretty surreal match for me. So many kids there that I recruited and struggled to leave when I decided to come to Charlotte. The coach was a tremendous advocate for me when the position here came open.

I know the two teams will play very similarly – that will be strange also.

Even bigger will be the thousand kids in the stands from my youth club up there … anyone for a road trip?

Speaking of road trips … any coming up this fall? Athens GA on a Thursday night?

Isn’t Katie Robinson from OSU?

Amanda and I may travel down to GA, if class doesn’t get in the way. But it almost assuredly will. I wish we’d made the NCAA Tournament last year, because I love going to SAS Soccer Park. Saw the WNT play Canda there last year. Gorgeous place.

charlotte women’s program has a top 25 recruiting class this past season. congrats lipsitz can’t wait for the season to begin GO NINERS

Anyone else think that Pepperdine has a chance to be really good this year? Anyone?

[QUOTE=TheNinerAlchemist;236942]Anyone else think that Pepperdine has a chance to be really good this year? Anyone?[/QUOTE]

Not w/o Gerrity.

At least no one said “Yeah, I think they can really make some waves this year.”

LOL … Pepperdine should be very good this year. Very well coached and quite a place to go to school (on beach in Malibu). I actually scheduled a game versus Pepperdine to coincide with them opening their new stadium. Problem is, match was between Pepp and Ohio State.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=2][B]Charlotte[/B][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial, Helvetica][SIZE=1]Gets the Rocket Award for biggest jump to #19[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=3]don’t know if any of this has been posted yet. but i found some of this on soccer buzz.[/SIZE]


Congrats to the women’s soccer team: