Traci Ray should be in ....

…the three point shooting contest at the FF. How do they pick them?

I was thinking more like Atlantic City with the men…

I thought he was going to say the PVT.

Lindsay Kimmel of Temple wasn’t too bad today either, shooting from Plavich range. She made three consecutive 3-pointers, including a rare 4-point play. Two more years of that?!?!

[QUOTE=HP49er;390239]Two more years of that?!?!


I have no problem with two more years of that.

That’s another thread, Lax!

[QUOTE=HP49er;390242]That’s another thread, Lax![/QUOTE]

You brought it up. I was merely stating a fact. I will not miss a temple/charlotte game in halton for the next two years.