Trader Joes

At the Trader Joes in Midtown they have some sort of contest if your receipt number ends in the jersey numbers for a few local college b-ball players. They include some dorks from Duke, Crapple Hole, Wake, and Davidson. The contest details are posted by the registers.

No one from Charlotte.

They have a giant mural of CHARLOTTE painted on the wall right by the registers.

If you happen to visit Trader Joes, go to the counter and kindly request that they include a Charlotte player in the contest. Or else paint a mural of Durham, Chapel Hill, Winston, or Davidson on the wall.

I know that at one time they did the “if your total is an even dollar amount you get to spin the will and get that prize!” That was fun, got some free ginger snaps (excellent!).

This is probably a March Madness theme. Why on Earth should they include us?

I have enjoyed the Trader Joes at UCity. They even give us a nod with an aisle marked by our Athletic logo. If I notice this I will make sure to say something. My wife is there all the time and I’m sure she would say something too. She has become quite the rabid Niner fan.

[QUOTE=49timesthelovin;390310]This is probably a March Madness theme. Why on Earth should they include us?[/QUOTE]

If it is, then they’d better take Davidson off the contest. Plus who’s to say we won’t win our conf. tournament?

Regardless, they should give the hometown team love.

Sometimes I feel like we are the University of North Carolina at North East Charlotte. If you go outside of University City there is hardly anything Charlotte 49ers.