Transportation Survey on 49er Express

Everyone fill it out because I would love to have transportation around campus. The survey asked what you would like and some of the options were transportation to nearby apartment complexes and shopping centers. It would really improve connectivity around the area and it would cut down on all the students driving

NO DOUBT… Everyone needs to vote in that survey. It’s on the main web page of the university.

Don’t you guys/gals want buses to hop on and ride around town & campus??? :cool:

ones that don’t go through the ghetto or makes 100 meaningless stops. CATS isn’t dedicated to the university or its students so its not as desireable. UNC and State both have a bus system that is free for students.

When I went to NC State…The Wolf Line was the best way to get around campus…excellent transportation. If UNCC could implement something like this, that would be off the hook.

It takes 5 minutes at the most to do so I highly encourage everyone to do it. They ARE putting in a transportation system for sure, I guess they’re just trying to figure out what kind of service the students want.


By the way, alumni, campus visitors, and employees are encouraged to participate in the quick survey, so it’s not just for students.


I don’t think we need campus transportation. Everything on this campus is close enough - students here don’t realize just how compact our campus is compared to other schools. The money could be better spent elsewhere.

Why do I need transportation to go from Friday to Woodard? Only the engineering buildings are far enough away to even consider some kind of transportation - but a whole system for two buildings is silly.

Charlotte residents are also spoiled & stuck up enough anyway - most of them have never even spent a night outdoors camping - heaven forbid they have to actually walk somewhere now.

What I DO agree with is having transportation from all the apartment complex’s around here. All major universities seem to have this. I’d also like to see bike paths or transportation to boardwalk so there can be more off campus life. Boardwalk right now is the best bet right now for a Charlotte-style franklin St or 9’th St. More sidewalks are definitley needed - seeing students walk on roads (John Kirk, or 49), or right next to them on grass paths (Cameron) hurts me. Perhaps in the future, a system to run from all the new buildings to center campus would be appropriate.

you can’t walk to places around here because there aren’t sidewalks. Not to mention nobody would want to walk on a rainy day. It’s not like those two buildings out there are going to be the only ones built. According to the 2000 plan there will be many buildings out through there. It’s not only about campus transportation but transit to places off campus for students. We can cut down on commuters and on campus traffic making it more pedestrian friendly in return. People that live a mile away in apartments can’t walk to class because their arent’ sidewalks. The whole survey wasn’t just about buses. It asked questions about sidewalks and road crossings and bike paths. Those are all things that we don’t have and need here.

Here is the map for the 2000 plan.

As you can see, campus will be a lot broader then. Also, it is NC law that transportation must be required if it takes more than 10 minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other. Those new buildings are way more than a 10 minute walk. They’re about a half a mile away and there is no sidewalks to them. Would you rather have a couple hundred people driving or a bus and some pedestrians/bikers?

Do you have a bigger image of that?

no unforunately, they is the largest picture they have on their website.

Well blah.

I can’t wait to see the new entrance on 49. (per plan pic above)

They are supposed to start on it this summer!!! :cool:

It’s this summer? Awesome.

I filled out the survey, it’s great that are looking into providing some sort of transportation service.

whats the website… alot of new stuff on their im curious as to what it is.

It's this summer? Awesome.

I filled out the survey, it’s great that are looking into providing some sort of transportation service.

There will also be another building at the CRI (Charlotte Research Institute) campus. I believe they are starting construction in the fall.

Artist renderings of the new building: