Trip to Tulane

Let me start by saying you have to see gyms like Tulane to appreciate what we have…the mine shaft made this place look like a dump. Looked like an old high school gym. I’m sure if they packed it it would be one hell of a home court, but they didn’t have 1000 people there, and half of them were 60 plus. They did have 7,000 people go to the day baseball game for their team that is ranked number 1.

French Quarter and Bourbon St. were cool…not much into drinking and loud music but it definitely had a cool feel.

Judy Rose and Mike Hummer are solid. I thought that before and really feel that way now.

Bobby is a nut. I sit behind the Visitors bench at home so I don’t get to witness Bobby that much. He is out there…fun to watch.

We can not guard on the perimeter. I don’t know why but everyone gets open looks on us.

Didn’t see the TV replay but Iti was catching some heat from Eddie after BP and a guy on Tulane got into a little mixup. Iti has no confidence…very bad body language on the bench. Id be surprised if he was still here next year.

Ive got pictures of the band…sad. Also of the cheerleaders…again sad.

Lastly if you take away anything from this post remember one thing…
Casinos are bad places…very bad places.

[i]Originally posted by JKniner[/i]@Feb 20 2005, 12:40 PM [b] Lastly if you take away anything from this post remember one thing.... Casinos are bad places...very bad places. [/b]
Yes, they eat idiots.

well they are full now…