Road Trip’n that is…

Georgia St…ATL_Niner unfortunately can’t make it
Richmond…been there, done that last time
Wake…huh, enuf said
Fordham…got a fello niner that lives 2 blocks from campus
GW…why not!

these are looking good for me!!!


@ Rutgers - Revenge, sucks that it is right when exams finish there however, should work to our advantage especially if they are struggling record-wise.
@ LaSalle - never been to Philly before
@ St. Joe’s - might skip because its a weekday and its being televised
@ Fordham - of course, right across the street from my old job and a Saturday
@ GW - could be a cool road trip, but might be heading to Savannah later that month for St. Patty’s day and it may also conflict with the Hoboken St. Patty’s celebration, which is out of control, but ESPN has the coverage WCS.

I wish the Philly games were on the weekend, it would make it much easier to attend, but I can’t complain about being able to possibly see them live 5 times and no real serious travel involved.

The TV games are bigtime as well this year and I would expect many more conference games to be on Full Court or the Fox Sports channels.

i got a friend rom high school that goes to richmond and is also i my frat so im making that trip…wake of course…my boss lives in GW so maybe…and i have another friend that goes to umass but thats a bit too much i think

Just keep in mind that some of these bandboxes (i.e. Fordham) have very limited tickets.

I’m going to the Mullins Center at UMASS. There are tons of places to hook up before and after the game in either Amherst or nearby Northampton. You’ve got UMASS. Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College and Mt. Holyoke College all within a few miles of each other so there are all kinds of microbreweries, nightclubs, restaurants and funky stores catering to students, especially in Northampton.

I’d like to go to Fordham but I’m not sure of the best way to get there since I don’t want to park my new car on the street in the Bronx.

Fordham Parking for Basketball

This parking garage is located directly across the street from the Fordham Campus and is adjacent to the Metro North - Fordham Road Station. The Subway is a bit of a walk from the campus, roughly 6 blocks. Being that its a Saturday game which will most likely be played during the day, I don’t think anyone should have anything to worry about. Fordham Road is very active and has a ton of stores on it, also Little Italy is 2 blocks in the other direction, highly recommend that area for some food before or after the game.

The Bronx has a bad rep, but its highly overrated. I spent a good 6 months walking up and down Fordham Road to the Subway and never once had an issue, the people I worked with worked there for years and never had issues either. Plus its not like the school is located in Hunts Point or Melrose.


I was looking at the MTA site and figured I could take Metro North from somewhere south of Waterbury, like Naugatuck or Beacon Falls.

iam4uncc is correct, I will be in Charlotte for a wedding over Thanksgiving, so the Georgia State game down in Atlanta will have to be missed by me. For those who are still planning on making the game, I can try to put some sort of pre-game package together at Jocks and Jills.

Fordham, can be done, but we’ll have to take the MTA there iam4uncc. Our buddy lives in Midtown Manhattan…

Additionally, we can head to GW if you like…


[i]Originally posted by Charlotte2002[/i]@Sep 4 2005, 12:42 PM [b] .......also Little Italy is 2 blocks in the other direction, highly recommend that area for some food before or after the game.


2002, I have a question for you.

I thought Little Italy was in Manhatten in the Mulberry Street section and Fordham was in the Bronx. Is there another Little Italy located in the Bronx? If so, I never knew that and I’ve been to the Big Apple numerous times.

Also… as you anticipated, the Fordham game is at 2 in the afternoon (according to their schedule).