Tuesday, March 3, 2009 games of interest

[CENTER][SIZE=5][B]REMINDER: Tonight’s game is at 7:00[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=2][B][COLOR=Green]7:00, Richmond (15-14, 7-7) at Charlotte (11-17, 5-9)[/COLOR]

7:00, Virginia (9-16, 3-11) at [COLOR=Blue]Clemson (22-6, 8-6)[/COLOR]
9:00, Wake Forest (22-5, 9-5) at [COLOR=Blue]Maryland (18-10, 7-7)[/COLOR]
10:00, [COLOR=Blue]California State Fullerton (13-15, 7-8)[/COLOR] at California State Bakersfield (8-20)

[U]Big South Conference Tournament[/U]
7:00, [COLOR=Blue]#5 Winthrop (11-18, 9-9)[/COLOR] at #4 UNC Asheville (14-15, 10-8)

[U]Horizon League Tournament[/U]
7:00, #7 Illinois Chicago (15-14, 7-11) at [COLOR=Blue]#6 Youngstown State (11-18, 7-11)[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][B][COLOR=Blue]Richmond 64[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]Charlotte 62[/COLOR]

Virginia 57
[COLOR=Blue]Clemson 75[/COLOR]

Wake Forest 65
[COLOR=Red]Maryland 63[/COLOR]

California State Fullerton 78
[COLOR=Red]California State Bakersfield 73[/COLOR]

[U]Big South Conference Tournament[/U]
[COLOR=Red]#5 Winthrop 68[/COLOR]
#4 UNC Asheville 76

[U]Horizon League Tournament[/U]
#7 Illinois Chicago 73
[COLOR=Red]#6 Youngstown State 68[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

[QUOTE=HP49er;389033][SIZE=2][B][U]Big South Conference Tournament[/U]
[COLOR=Red]#5 Winthrop 68[/COLOR]
#4 UNC Asheville 76[/B][/SIZE][/QUOTE]
Added irony to an already bad season for the Eagles that came to an end last night…

The only thing on fire for Winthrop in the final basketball game of its season was the team bus.

The Herald of Rock Hill reports that the Eagles’ bus caught fire as the driver warmed it up in the final minutes Tuesday night of Winthrop’s 76-68 loss at UNC Asheville in the quarterfinals of the Big South Conference tournament.

Officials say the bus heater apparently started burning and ignited a fuel line. No one was hurt, but the Eagles trip home was delayed while a new bus was found.

Winthrop finished the season 11-19 and won’t go to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2004.

Link: Sportingnews.com

[B][SIZE=3]Winthrop team bus catches fire after season-ending loss[/SIZE]
By Gary McCann - The Herald[/B]

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Winthrop’s return to Rock Hill after the Eagles’ 76-68 loss to UNC Asheville in the first round of the Big South Tournament took a hot twist on Tuesday night.

The team bus caught on fire and they had to find alternate transportation home.

Alan Blue, who owns and drives the bus, left the Justice Center with about five minutes left to warm up the bus. The heater apparently caught fire and ignited a fuel line. He attempted to put out the fire with an extinguisher, but had to call 911. The Asheville Fire Department responded quickly and put out the fire with extinguishers.

There were no injuries.