Tulane Forum

Does anyone know how to reach the Tulane board? I’m afraid they’ll only be talking about baseball, but its worth.

I love reading about how “we” have more talent, Pav-lick not being able to shoot threes, NC Charlotte having no point guard, Lutz being one of the best X & O guys in the country, and that stiff from Australia.

Here are a few.

Let me just say if you ever wondered how good we have it here, check these sites out. :blink:

Tulane board


Neither have a whole lot of traffic.

Here’s one more, though the 4 people that post there are pretty testy about others posting. Right up our alley I’d say. :lol:

Another Tulame Forum

Just read a little down on their board, apparently they’ve moved here. Alot nicer than the previous one. :wacko:

Actually I don’t think you’ll get much basketball talk out of them. Looks like all they care about is baseball season.

But who can blame em?

94 views is the highest count on a front page NCAABBS thread. Ouch.

Yeah, that place is dead. I love reading those boards sometimes, though, just for the “We gave up basketball in January” type comments.

“Our weakness are turnovers, defense, shooting too many threes and bench coaching. Other than that, we’re doing ok.”