Two Deep for Gardner Webb

D. Scott released the two deep on twitter. The biggest surprise to me is Stewart at DT over Horne.

Defense is absolutely loaded, but depth isn’t there, specifically in the secondary and defensive ends.

Linebackers are our deepest Unit easily.

Similar story on O. Super deep at RB. Deep at WR. First group OL looks great, nothing behind them. Hope we get some decent QB play

BFW hurt.?

Was wondering the same?

Don’t think he’s hurt. He just may not be one of the 4 best LBs on the team. Sounds like a good problem to have, especially considering the backups are both True Freshmen.

BFW is not hurt.

BFW is not red shirting? Figured that why he was not listed. In 2 deep.

Other surprise to me (unless they are hurt) Anthony bulter and I thought Solomon Rogers and bly May be there.

The only things that worry me with this is injuries and next season when these SR’s graduate.

BFW has really struggled, believe he is on special teams though him & butler were on the scout team sat.

Oh yeah, defense losing a lot of talent after this season. 8 starters, at least half of which will end up on all-conference teams. A lot of really special guys on this defense. Hopefully our record shows it for once.

I know we have the DE from Austin Peay who will be eligible next season, and I’m confident will back fill with other Jucos and Grads where needed.

Also have the transfer from Troy He’s the real deal. But next year is next year I’m just focused on this year right now.
& what type of game coaches this staff are.

We need to capitalize on all of this experience this year with a good record & a bowl game to help Healy recruit replacements. He’s already doing a great job but making a bowl game would really help him sell this program.

Is BFW the transfer from PSU?

Yes he is.

How does a psu transfer not make the top two at his position on our team?

He’s not as good as other guys on the roster

Guys, lots of questioning going on here.

I’ll bet you a pretty penny the coaching staff knows what they are doing.

Yeah…I’ve thought that for about the last decade here. Safe to say that mindset and logic has bitten us in the past to the point that we are now allowed to at least be skeptical until proven otherwise.

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I think he transferred because of an illness in the family or something like that so he could have things going on off the field that are affecting him. He’s a talented player or he wouldn’t have been that highly recruited so if he works hard and learns the system eventually he will work his way into the lineup.

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