two legged dog

This is incredible, I have never seen anything like this in my life…


That’ll make your day right there.:biggrin:

[URL=]and then American Airlines lost the dog…[/URL]

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I would love it for another species to make the move to bipedalism. I bet he kinda has the same thing going for him that T-Rex’s had. Rock on little dude!

[URL=]and then American Airlines lost the dog....[/URL]
Yea, American Airlines "lost" the dog. The first dog to walk on two legs and American Airlines conveniently happens to lose him. :rolleyes: The government paid AA to "lose" that dog for long enough so that they could run tests on him.

Imagine it: a race of bipedal dogs, trained to act and think a certain way, then given voting rights. George W. Bush would be the supreme ruler of the USA in no time! AND THEN, the dogs are militarily trained, given weapons, and then unleashed on the world, conquering country after country one paw step at a time. It would be a blood bath.

Sniff… soo heartwarming.