UAB Gameday!!

Time to keep it moving in conference. We need this one…




Our RPI is so pathetic and we play so few good teams that this is a must win game!! We can’t afford to lose this one.


This game is so key on many fronts for both teams. I guess we’ll find out what we’re really made of tonight.



[SIZE=4][font=Impact]4 T[/font][/SIZE]



[font=Impact][SIZE=4]Let’s blaze the blazers![/font][/SIZE] :flame:


Forget the RPI, SOS and all that other crap that doesn’t mean anything until the season ends.
We need to beat the Blazers tonight because they punked us last time. We need to beat this team to stay undefeated on the road!

Go Niners! Kick some @$$ tonight! (Man I wish I could watch this game.)



We owe them big time for the last three, but will need a strong inside game. I don’t see us beating them with lots of 3’s, but with pounding it in (and our big men NOT PUTTING THE BALL ON THE FLOOR FOR THEM TO STEAL!


[SIZE=4][font=Impact]NINERS!!! [/font][/SIZE] :slight_smile:


We’re going to get it done.