UAB meet the A10

Richmond 96
UAB 81

Our future A-10 foe is now 2-0 against Conference USA (also defeating South Florida) and our buddy Hickler loses another one. :lol:

I’m sure we’ll see Hickler on here anytime now talking about the greatness of UAB hoops. :lol:

UAB=1 year wonder.

Hickler won’t be around till we lose another game or they beat someone big.

Hickler sucks.

I was able to attend the game tonight since UR is only about 5 miles from my house. They finally put a complete game together. UR actually lost to VCU last Saturday night. VCU is in the same league as ODU and UNCW.

I absolutely love it! UAB takes one for the team. Nice team you got there UAB faithful. :lol:

Another good one… ECU loses at home to Winthrop by 15. :blink:

:smiley: :lol: :thumbsup: :santa: :butt: :grin: :lmao: :smirk: :clap: :mallet:

We bettr not laught too much, unfortunately, we have to play these crappy teams…

CUSA definitely down this year

Down or exactly the same ? What is the pecking order in CUSA right now, can’t figure it out.

Marquette - May be very good, have not seem them play yet, but may be as good as they were two years ago. Diener as a senior could be awesome in conf. play.

Cards - seems like the exact same team as they have been in the last couple of years.
Can’t see much of a difference.

Cinci - seems to be their typical team also, strong on rebounding and D, but maybe not as many shooters as in years past

UAB - hard to tell, did not look as good last night as last year (but last nights game was on the road), but their system really works in conference play.

Memphis - we will see how they react in the next couple of weeks.

Charlotte - I wonder how others see us so far. The Alabama game seemed like our typical Cinci/Lou. knock down drag out fight, so maybe we are the same as years past.

We can laugh about these UAB, ECU, etc losses, but they are not going to help our rpi one bit. Of course, UAB losing is pretty funny.

SLU is having a TERRIBLE season. Hopefully they will be better next year for their first year with us in the A10

SLU should be better next year. I listened to the game against dayton online today and it was alot closer than the final score showed. The billikens are having a hard time scoring though they are playing good defense once again. Right now they are playing a freshman point gaurd 35 min. a game. They will get better as he gets more experience. Also slu is really missing a dominate post player that can rebound and defend well. Next year we will have two great local gaurds joining the team that shuold be able to help imediatly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the billikens get better as the season goes on but the damage is done and I don’t think they are going to make the post season for the first time in soderberg’s slu career.

Also slu is only a few points away from four more wins. Ganted they are not great teams and slu should beat them but eight more points and those would all be wins and slu’s record would be 6-3 instead of 2-7.
Austin Peay L, 51-44 (OT)
Eastern Michigan L, 60-57
Oral Roberts L, 55-54
Hawaii L, 53-52

I don’t expect to win at St. Louis. We are cursed in that building. :frowning:

[i]Originally posted by NormanNiner[/i]@Dec 19 2004, 09:37 AM [b] I don't expect to win at St. Louis. We are cursed in that building. :( [/b]
me either. they could send out a team of blind, wheelchair-bound schoolgirls and we would still lose. the savis center is CURSED

I BELIEVE we can win in that building. But will we? My guess is no. GRR!