UAB vs Nebraska...8:30pm CST ESPN

Tune in to watch the UAB team that will be beating the crap out of you in January.

Obviously it doesn’t register with someone as moronic as you, but no one here cares.

Buh bye.

Watching UAB? Why the %^&* would I do that?

[i]Originally posted by switchfoot[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 10:34 AM [b] Watching UAB? Why the %^&* would I do that? [/b]
Only reason I can think of is to make yourself feel good that you're not them. :D

You guys callin’ this the inbreed bowl?

Bowls start this early?
I guess that’s why they call them toilet bowls.
Flushing the excrement of the post season away.

And to think UAB is playing the team I just about hate mor ethan any other. Just about. I’ll be hoping to see a 0-0 tie when I check the outcome of the game in a couple weeks.