UH, No Coach Chaney, that is Charlotte...

Get a load of this…stuff. Coach Chaney was asked what he knew about ST.LOUIS. Gee, this sounds a little familiar…


Hopefully, he’ll be as confused when he’s coaching against us…


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Sounds like he’s talking about Charlotte. Those statements are fairly accurate for us.

Normally I’d queue up the Rick James “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” response, but this is flat out senility.

Also from the story;

[QUOTE]Oh so close. SLU last played Syracuse in 1998 (in Puerto Rico), last played Indiana in 1965 and last played Temple never. (Temple did play a game in St. Louis as part of a doubleheader, but it wasn’t against the Billikens.)[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]It’s quite possible that Chaney was thinking of SLU’s 59-58 win over Louisville, which was in 2003.[/QUOTE]

Um, no - I’d say it’s not remotely possible.

I appreciate the man and what he has done as a coach, but it might be time to throw in the towel.

He was having a senior moment.

After what he did last year, sending in a player to intentionally hurt another, it’s obvious he has gone senile & should retire.
No one likes to see a legend at the end of their career. That’s why it’s best to quit when you still have something left.