Unbelievable tragedy for Kansas' Thomas Robinson

If there is ever a reason for the NCAA to do the correct thing, this could be it. So very sad…

Jayhawks doing their best to cope with grief off the court, CBSSports.com

The NCAA made an exception for a Clemson football player recently that had a similar family situation in that the Clemson student was the only family member left to look after his brother. ESPN had a story on it during Gameday in 2009, I think. The NCAA did the right thing then, so hopefully they’ll do the right thing this time, too.

Edit: I found a couple of links to articles about the Clemson football player. Both the original article and the not-so-feel-good ending to his college career.



then didn’t Clemson cut the guy from his scholarship the following season?

Why yes, yes that coach did.

Yes, that second link I posted above details the ordeal with him not finishing at Clemson. Clemson revoked his scholarship. He was coming back from knee surgery and had already graduated. He was an easy target. Then he went to Howard to grad school and was trying to play again, made a 2.7 gpa, and was ruled academically ineligible because grad students are supposed to have a 3.0. He also had to become a guardian for his other brother and a sister whom his mother could no longer look after due to her addictions during all of this.