UNC Asheville intoduces new logos

A couple of these are nice looking, I like the University logo best. It would appear they are taking a page from the 49ers’ book and heavily pushing the “A” and “Asheville.”

Aww damn, I thought they’d somehow incorporate that heinous dance team. Oh well.

That huge UNC looks terrible, though. :o :smirk:

granted I haven’t seen the campus itself… but aren’t those logos a bit to clean for Asheville? :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “a bit too clean”?

I’ll be back in that dump (Civic Center, not the city itself) next month for a Pearl Jam show. That was actually a cool trip last season. Nice change of scenery there, as opposed to being in Boone.

I like the University logo as well. The mascot one is cool too. Maybe they could use both, for academic/athletic purposes.

[i]Originally posted by UNCCTF[/i]@Aug 19 2004, 09:44 PM [b] Aww damn, I thought they'd somehow incorporate that heinous dance team. Oh well. [/b]
Her likeness won't fit [b]on[/b] a sweatshirt.

BTW, I came across those photos again the other day. I wonder when this year’s tryouts for the 'Dog Dancers are? :rolleyes:

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[b]QUOTE[/b] (HP49er @ Aug 20 2004, 08:17 AM)
[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Aug 20 2004, 01:40 PM [b] JCL have fun at the PJ show. I've always wanted to see them live, because I've heard they are great. [/b]
Thanks. They're fantastic live (if you're into them of course). I saw them in Charlotte (Spring '03 and drove down to Atlanta later in the week for the show down there). Got GREAT seats to the show in Asheville via [i]10Club[/i] presale. Looking forward to it, even though it's on a Wednesday night and I have to be up at 6:30am the next morning. :coffee:

I don’t go to many concerts anymore (can’t stand Ticketmaster) but they’re one of about 3-4 bands that I’ll make exceptions for. Enjoy them more now actually, then I did back in their prime.

They are OK, The bulldog head looks like clipart. They just don’t seem finished or refined, IMO.

Must be logo changing time in the Big South, High Point introduced a new logo yesterday that is pretty sharp. They’ve changes the shade of purple slightly. The merchandise in the stores looks good too, it’s still a shame that I see more HPU stuff than you’ll find of Charlotte.

New High Point Athletics Logo Unveiled

Photos of logos on court, uniforms, van, scroll down

Panthers roar over new logo
By Tom Berry, Staff Sports Columnist, 08/25/2004

High Point University’s new athletics brand went public on Tuesday afternoon in a ceremony that lasted 20 minutes.

The private process took more than a year.

It took committee meetings, design firms, licensing companies and approximately $100,000 from the Panther club to create a new and improved look for HPU athletics.

“It was a bit more involved than people probably think,” said athletic director Woody Gibson.

It was worth the involvement. With classes starting today and the fall sports schedule beginning on Friday when the women’s soccer team opens defense of its Big South Conference title at The Citadel, the university picked a great time to make a bold change.

“It looks real good,” Danny Gathings, HPU’s star basketball player, proclaimed after the school unveiled a series of redesigned logos and letterings at the Millis Center.

“The Panther has more expression. It looks better than last year.”

The Panther looks tougher and more aggressive. The shade of purple has changed slightly. The lettering that forms “HP, HPU and Panthers” is more distinct and modern.

“We’re hoping a meaner, tougher Panther (logo) will mean a meaner, tougher Panther (team),” said HPU men’s basketball coach Bart Lundy, preparing to build on last season’s 19-11 record.

As several hundred students, coaches, administrators, faculty members and fans marveled at the energetic new designs on Tuesday, Woody Gibson described how it all came about.

The process was much more than having someone draw a new logo and print it on T-shirts.

“The idea was first broached about 18 months ago, and the process itself took about a year, once we got into it,” Gibson said. “It took a lot of time and there were a lot of people involved. You just don’t go pick something out.”

First, a Brand Advisory Committee was formed. It consisted of about 25 people from all facets of High Point University - coaches, faculty, staff, student-athletes. Their charge was to review the current usage of the logo and make suggestions of possible changes.

The committee suggested plenty of changes, yet decided to keep the Panther nickname and maintain the school color at purple.

Some obvious confusion exists with the High Point Panthers, Carolina Panthers, Florida Panthers and even Ledford High Panthers. But High Point, Panthers and purple have been together since the 1920s, and that wasn’t going to change.

Almost everything else did. The school hired High Point-based Ed Kemp Associates to design the new marks, which are licensed by collegiate-licensing firm LRG.

The result was a bolder purple and a roaring Panther. The gym floor at the Millis Center has been changed to reflect the new brand, highlighted by a huge Panther head at center court. Also, there will be new uniforms and accessories, and even school vans have the redesigned Panther exploding from the side.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Gibson. “I think it’s great. Chris Dudley (HPU’s Director of University Advancement) did a great job of putting all this together and shepherding this whole process through the university and building a consensus. Trying to get 25 or 30 college administrators and coaches and faculty members and student-athletes to agree on something is pretty difficult.”

Gibson has been at High Point for 30 years, and he estimates that the school logo has changed four times. But he pointed out that the most recent change is the first time “we’ve gone through this process of getting professional advice and going through a committee for consensus and standardizing it and getting it licensed, and so forth.”

It was a long process, but a necessary one in today’s climate when colleges need to protect their brand through trademarks. Gibson isn’t projecting that the HPU Panther logo will become as popular as the North Carolina Ram logo or N.C. State Wolfpack logo or even Appalachian State’s Mountaineer logo, but High Point now has a distinctive, modern-looking brand that should help sales of T-shirts and bumper stickers.

The HPU Bookstore in Slane Center and the Omega Sports store on Main Street already have merchandise with the new logos.

“(The new logo) is a more aggressive version, a bit more new Millennium looking,” Gibson said. "I think it represents who we are and what we want to be and I’m real excited about it. I think our athletes have been very receptive to it, our coaches have been very receptive to it, everybody has been tickled to death to see all this change.

“I think it’s exciting sometimes to upgrade things, and that’s what we’ve done.”

Let the Panther roar.