UNCC Apparel

Ok, I really don’t know where to put this considering its going to be a RANT basically but oh well.

I have heard/read a lot of posts on this and other sites (part49ers.com) bout students wearing other college shirts and what not on campus. I can understand the logic in this especially if its stuff like Chapel Hill or NC State apparel. In their defense though, the quality and avaliblity of UNCC stuff is poor. The bookstore on campus has crap for good UNC Stuff. It it mostly random, let us see if we can sell this stuff. The apparel on http://www.charlotte49ers.com, the offical athletic website is a joke. The best place I have found for stuff is Grey’s bookstore online or at Campus Sports behind Arby’s/Shell station near campus. The school really needs to hire a good graphic designer and printing company and get some apparel out there that everyone will want to wear.

yeah pointless but I had to get it off my chest.