NO LIE!! In Carolina Place Mall. They look okay beside the UNCC. Awesome logo and everything with 49ers written down the sleeve on one side. THey are long sleeve. They have them in Duke, UNC, State, and UNCC. Has a football in the middle and says EST. 1946.


Should be a hot seller. After all, we are undefeated. It’s a shame they don’t say Charlotte 49ers rather than uncC.

This is not some kind delayed April Fools joke, is it?


Why do people always say “Belks” instead of “Belk”? The name on the building does not have an S.

Just curious, it’s always bugged me. That and “Eckerds” instead of “Eckerd”.

That quite interesting…and quite sad…knowing that Belk is based out of Charlotte and that they have there name all over our school…ie belk college of business and belk tower.
Maybe they put them out knowing that they would sell as a novelty

Bought my son a really nice Charlotte baseball cap at Concord Mills over the weekend. Correct logo (front and back of hat) and only $10 at Pro Image!!!

How much are the shirts? Thanks for the scoop Southern Pines!

Shirts are marked as $24 with 25% off that, so $18.

Guys, we ACTUALLY have a football team now.