Underdog Dynasty CUSA OL Ratings

OL might be one of our biggest question marks but every time Iโ€™ve heard Healy speak, he seems to be ok with the guys we have.

Iโ€™m worried about OT, but in Healy we trust.

Aside from QB, the OL is the biggest question for me going into the season. Unfortunately bad play by either can wreck a season despite all the other pieces we have in place. That being said Healy seems optimistic about the OL and he knows far more about their potential than I. If the OL can perform to average CUSA standards we can win some football games next year.

Cam Clark is getting preseason pub in almost every season preview, canโ€™t wait to see what he does next year.

Healy actually indicated during spring that the DL was his biggest area of concern.

Either line can be soft if there is a weak spot or lack of depth. I fear both on both sided.

I love the stars, but Iโ€™m worried about the other guys and their backups.

clt says depth is the concern, we would have trounced appy with big Nate in there