Underdog Dynasty - Too early 2020 CUSA football rankings

clt says we are underrated

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Fair enough based on this past season’s result. I believe Marshall falls off next year and Holliday is fired. If WKU takes the next step, I think they take the East.

Doesn’t WKU need to replace their QB?

7th seems to be pretty fair, we could tick up a little if can get some OL/DT reinforcements. I would be surprised to see FAU repeat, while they have the talent Kiffin is an exponentially better in-game coach than Taggart.

I, too think this is about right.

Marshall could have 2 wins or 8 when they see us. Their lack of qb, but quality defense had them winning some games they should have.

FAU has talent and the best qb, and Middle has a qb and little else. ODU is going to struggle and has a weird schedule.

I have no idea about Western and FIU

In the west, USM has a doormat schedule plus the Texas schools should be free wins for everyone despite Rice’s (and maybe UTSA) improvement.

It feels nice to not be picked last


Wait till the C-USA Media Days coaches’ poll before getting all tingly.

They do but I think they will find a serviceable one in the stable of them on their roster. Like basketball, there isn’t a team in this league without a few weak spots. Some teams just have more than others.