University City Redevelopment

Hopefully this is a good sign for University City.

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What does it appear they want to do with it?

“mixed use”

That’s a good sign, better than the abandond box stores that are there now…

Hopefully they turn it at least partially into a “Franklin Street” -type concept like they were planning to do across from CRI before they gave up on that idea and are converting the old Kohl’s into an office building. :roll_eyes:

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Looks like much of the big parking lots / stores on the far side will remain, but fortunately pretty much half the lake is up for redevelopment. The side across from boardwalk billys has been massively underutilized. An extension of the boardwalk with lake facing restaurants and bars would be a boon for that shopping center. It could legitimately be a destination in Charlotte if someone developed it right.

A mix of retail, apartments with ground floor retail, and offices would really improve the overall vibe of that shopping center and keep a good mix of people flowing through all hours of the day.

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Rooms to go is also vacating.

The University of Maryland, Drexel, and others are partnering with the local municipalities to help enhance the development around their campuses. Maryland is encouraging faculty to live near campus.

Officials at the University of Maryland are working closely with local governments to create a zone called the Discovery District in College Park after the university’s president, Wallace Loh, determined that the college town lacked some essentials. The zone will include research firms, startups and shops and restaurants. A new hotel on university-owned land opened recently.

FYI, our friends and fellow FSL owners C.J and Sam have opened a Smallcakes over next to the University IKEA. There’s 49ers student discounts as well. If you’re in the area stop in and help support 2 fellow Niners. Tell them Jennifer and Stanton sent you.

Safe to assume the own the location in Huntersville?

Nope, the University location is their one and only so far.


Not much new info here:

but they do link to a site plan:

The site plan is a little disappointing in my.opinion. i was hoping to have everything be a little.more lake centric like thr shops on the other side of the lake.