University City Superstreet


49 is never going to be pedestrian friendly. It was a main road before the U moved there in the mid-60’s and it will only grow with time.


yeah it super shitty because it is the closest thing to what we have as a college street and now they want to make it a miniature interstate.



This is probably crazy but couldn’t they route 49 further away from the campus? Let’s say move it east to run parallel to Old concord road and then let the section in front of the school be a “local” street (or be reconfigured completely with a small street grid. They could start the reroute near the Harris blvd 49 intersection and then re-emerge to the regular route not far past the old guses building.

I know nothing about these things so probably impossible. I just imagine what a great neighborhood could be build in the vacated space.


Didn’t we build 485, expand 85 and bring in light rail so we didn’t have to use intracity thoroughfares for the work commute?

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