Upcoming Events Thread Updated

FYI: I have updated the stickied post about upcoming events for the 2005-06 year. If anyone has any other dates/corrections (alumni functions/pregames, game road trips, etc.), please PM me with details so I can add them to the list.

Also, I have added a date (subject to change) for our 2nd annual NinerNation.Net pregame party. This year’s get-together will be prior to the Xavier game on Jan. 14th. Thanks to all of those that came out last year and we look forward to having a bigger crowd this go-round. Please come show your support of the website and your Charlotte 49er basketball team. It’s a great way to meet a lot of really great people from this site.



Thanks! Hope it doesn’t change, or if it does, it stays on a Saturday. That gives us “furners” a chance to get there!

I think we should all pitch in and get us a bus to haul us to the game and back.


I’m all for that 40. Then we can change the start time to 12:00pm instead of 5:00pm. :toast: If we drink enough Over40, I’m sure someone can convince us that it’s not that far of a walk to Halton if we cut behind the hospital. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like we may be having a raffle this year for some game tickets/pregame meals so everyone be sure to come out and meet the fine folks of NinerNation.Net. And I have a couple backup dates in mind in case this one falls through (both are on Saturdays). Hopefully we can stick with Xavier because I think it’s a game that will draw a good crowd both at Picasso’s and Halton.