UPN News

On the heels of some bad TV show, I got sucked into UPN News.

Hit on Eddie’s CUSA player of the week honors.

Recapped Davidson’s game.

Local News Media has been pretty good about covering us for a while.

Davidson owns the Southern Conference. That’s a pretty good win, because they are almost a lock for the tournament. They may get the SoCon’s second At-large bid in the conference’s history if they don’t win the conference tourny.

Eddie rules.

I’m still unclear where PB stands on Eddie Basden.

I never really thought he would amount to much.

Davidson should’ve gotten an at-large bid several years ago when they finished 25-3 but lost in the SoCon final. They had a kid named Brandon Williams (?) that could flat out ball.

They are feasting on the SoCon right now. They could give a 4 or 5 seed a lot of headaches in the 1st round.

Don’t forget. Davidson almost beat Duke. We are one of the few teams to win easily against them.

I am never really sure where PB stands on much of anything. I did read he was a Plavich fan this year. I will say this for PB, he’s the biggest Niners fan I have ever seen at our games. He’s the one guy I recall camping out during our forgotten season of 13-16.

naaaaah, I’m not a bigger fan than anyone else. Maybe dumber, but not bigger.

By the way, who ever came up with UPN?

Paramount. United Paramount Network.

[b]I'm still unclear where PB stands on Eddie Basden. [/b]

hahahaha–for some reason i just found that funny