Uptown Christmas Party

First off, yes I know its April.

Okay, I am helping with planning the Christmas party for our office. Where are some of the places in uptown that you had Christmas parties that you REALLY enjoyed.

Requirements, must be close to a bar, must be close to hotel(s), must hold approx 140 people

Please provide any USEFUL insight.

I’m not sure about the capacity, but we have enjoyed ours at Capitol Grill and Bentlys 27th…

Went to one several years ago at “Club Level” at Bank of America stadium (it was still Ericson then)… it was pretty cool, and not a bad place to host an event like that. I have no idea if they still do that type of thing, or if they do, what it would cost… but may be worth checking out. Hotel right across the street at 2nd and Mint (Residence Inn I believe?).