UTSA @ Charlotte 2/19-20 - CANCELLED

Senior Week for MBB as they welcome the Roadrunners to Halton for the final home stand of the season.

I wonder when we will find out which, if any, of the seniors will take advantage of the Covid exception and come back next year.

WBB at UTSA moved to Saturday and Sunday:

Well we avoid the Ls

Unfortunately for WBB, most likely miss picking up a couple of wins as UTSA only winless team in league WBB play. Certainly could have helped Niners (7-3) solidify 2nd place in C-USA East behind leader Middle Tennessee (10-2).

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MBB should probably arrange a non -conference game for Saturday so the Seniors can be honored. Also, pick somebody we can beat if possible.

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We don’t have another game until Friday, surely we can get someone sun thru wed.

Gotta call Carver in ATL: :roll_eyes: :wink:

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I don’t know. We might lose.


Very likely the 49er women will finish second in the East, with or without the two wins (assumed) this weekend. The team has also had injury issues, so maybe a blessing in disguise.

That’s not possible

clt says let’s see if Belmont abbey is open


Haha a team we can beat? There isn’t a local team that is feel confident about beating.

Does Davidson have an open date? Might as well add some weight to the anchor we dropped on them already.

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Maybe MBB should play a team of out of shape NNN posters. That is the only team I’m confident they could handily beat at this time.

It would be interesting to put together a team of 45 year old dads from the former players that show up for our Alumni game and see what happens. I am betting on the old guys.

clt says mbb should scrimmage karen’s team